All in all, the three people on my group who NEVER had hiked before ALL said they will now start walking in nature with their families as it gave them such a great feeling. 

What a great guy! So inspiring that such a “tough” man can share so openly his experience and his thoughts. He comes across as very authentic and “real”.

I think he is a good proof that you don’t have to be aggressive, exaggerating or overwhelming to be strong. Actually all the men in my group referred to him later as a thought provoker on how they balance their own work and life.

We loved Olivier sharing his work experiences and his passion. He seems to me to be a nice guy and very humble. His manner and attitude is caring and approachable.

The sharing of his personal story came across in a very natural way and touched my emotions. It certainly provoked some deeper thinking from my part which, I believe, was the purpose of his presence. I also have the impression that the rest of the group appreciated him in the same or similar way.

As an “external consultant” he has a very different profile than what we are normally used to and his message is less in the words but rather than on a personal and emotional level. A different and new angle when it comes to “personal development”

In summary Olivier seems like a wonderful extremely likeable man and obviously has great personal determination / depth and has an extremely interesting personal history.


As a former international banker with high responsibilities, a family man and a four times Ironman Triathlon World Championship finisher, Beyond The Line founder Olivier Baillet knows how difficult it is to maintain balance in a highly stressful environment. He shares his stories and pass on his expertise through different programmes.

Olivier delivers keynotes as well as more in-depth activities to corporate employees. With great authenticity, he shares his fascinating stories on endurance sports, but also exposes his difficulties and failures, sharing on how he was forced to open himself to new horizons to regain his physical and mental health, as well as to reach a superior level of performance and consciousness.

While most knowledge sharing is dispensed in a classroom format, we have noted that mixing physical activities with talks can lead to a better engagement from employees. Different formats can thus be arranged. 

Be Inspired

The ‘Be Inspired’ talks are meant to provide motivating stories about normal people doing incredible feats, mainly sport feats (but not only). They emphasise on the sheer difficulty of the accomplishment, explain what it takes to actually succeed, and provide a series of lessons learnt that are applicable in daily life. 

  • The Ironman Triathlon World Championship (3.8k swim, 180k ride, 42.2k run) in Kona, Hawaii: the amazing quest, the sacred race, the pinnacle in endurance sports
  • Swimming 80k around Lantau Island in 5 days: origin, preparation, implementation, lessons learnt
  • Discover the king of trail running races: the Ultra-Trail Mont-Blanc, a formidable challenge where thousands of runners run 25 to 45h continuously, covering almost 170k and climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest
  • Climbing the highest peak in the Southern hemisphere: Aconcagua, the deadly mountain – you’d better be prepared…
  • Traveling on USD 30 a day for a year
  • From the comfort of the Corporate World to the unknown of Entrepreneurship.

Learn From Top Achievers

We believe that while the endurance sports arena is obviously different from the corporate world, there are lessons that can be drawn from athletes and applied elsewhere. Based on Olivier’s ‘dual life’ experience as a top level triathlete and former international banker turned entrepreneur, as well as true stories of professional athletes and other high level achievers, these talks are designed to provide a framework to employees wishing to increase their productivity at work and in life in general. For Example:

  • How to perform better at work: recipes from endurance sports success
  • How to balance Work & Life: be professional in your personal life too
  • Nutrition at work: how to maintain stamina all day long, every day
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programme for peak performance

Win the Challenge of Chronic Stress

Stress is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, stress, in sport, is a good thing: it is what makes you progress. But poor management of chronic stress makes you sick, unhappy, cuts you from the World, and kills a lot of us. There is no silver bullet and little silver lining to stress, except that it can force you to look for lifestyle changes for the better. Olivier has different ways to present his approach to this topic, such as:

  • Meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, or how to get out of the ‘full catastrophe living’
  • The pillars of balance, happiness, health and longevity
  • Olivier’s personal journey against stress, and what you can learn from it.

    Other Talks

    Thanks to his rare profile as an international banker and top athlete, Olivier manages to ‘make bridges’ between topics that may seem unrelated at first and create inventive talks with a lot of content unheard of. For example, for the internal Project Management programme of an international bank, Olivier did a specific talk on ‘Project Management in real life: the 80k Swim Around Lantau project’, using his experience as one of the two swimmers and one of the organisers, his past role as a Project Manager and his capacity to prepare and deliver powerful presentations.

    Also, all our existing talks can be tweaked to provide the exact angle your Corporate needs most. The talks listed above are only examples and we are happy to hear your specific needs and adjust to them.


    Olivier Baillet spent most of his 20 years of his banking career in international roles, in Frankfurt, Buenos Aires, NYC, Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore, mostly in risk management positions. All these years, he also had a ‘parallel life’ as a competitive distance athlete. In 2014, at 43, Olivier went back to school, completed a specialisation module in Sport Management part of an Executive MBA program. He launched Beyond The Line while graduating.

    As an athlete, Olivier is well known in the Hong Kong sports community for having completed the Ironman triathlon world championship 4 times over a span of 17 years, for swimming around Lantau island (a unique feat, 80km of swimming), for climbing the equivalent of Mt Everest altitude on a bike (almost 9000m, by climbing 10 times a hill that has 900m elevation) and recently for introducing the Swedish sport of Swimrun in Hong Kong.

    As a consultant, Olivier has been coaching running and swimming to an international bank’s “Staff Club” since its creation, and did several interventions as a speaker, mainly on motivation and wellness, in banks (SG, Deutsche Bank) and other industries (IKEA, gyms and clubs). 

    As a one-on-one personal coach, Olivier has worked with over 140 athletes and counting, all busy executives, to reach their sports objectives.

    There is another aspect of Olivier that not many people know, though, and that makes Olivier’s stories even more compelling: it is his struggle to get back his health, that derailed into mental health difficulties. From a world class amateur triathlete, Olivier became chronically fatigued due to what was diagnosed as a general inflammation triggered in the gut, itself likely due to poor stress management. Around 2013, Olivier started a quest, literally, for a cure. At the same time, he had to search for a new identity, as the super fit achiever -that he thought was what defined him- became a mere souvenir. During his research, Olivier saw countless doctors in different specialities, read tons of books and experimented a lot of different things. The quest is not finished, and Olivier shares with no mask nor make-up his very inspirational personal story of resilience, open-mindedness and transformation, and draws the lessons of it.

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