Online Coaching


Online coaching is a rather specific type of coaching, so you need to first ask yourself whether this is the most adequate service for your needs.

What you DO get with Online Coaching

The online coaching service is designed for people who don’t have the time to commit to regular times. It is the best solution for busy self-driven executives who need flexibility and do not have the headspace or the full technical knowledge to think about what to do day in day out. You outsource this service to a professional, removing the guesswork altogether. It gives you the flexibility to work out whenever it fits with your schedule.
As an interface, we use the world’s most popular endurance coaching platform: Training Peaks. Training Peaks is an online calendar that lets you record, track and analyse your training sessions. You just need to link it to your smart sports watch, phone etc,. Training Peaks provides amazing data analyses capacity, for your coach and/or yourself, and is free for you.

What you DON’T get with Online Coaching


Online coaching does not provide you with a coach to swim, bike or run with you, thus you might need to supplement our with a few hours paying a coach that will physically assist and correct you (this is especially relevant for swimming and strength training).


You need to be self-motivated, as online coaching does not provide you with a coach who makes sure you start on time or talk to you into actually doing the work. Don’t get online coaching if you need to be pressured to train.


We offer two types of online training plans: Fully Customised plans designed for the athlete who wants a fully personalised plan, regularly reviewed, as well as unrestricted access to the coach, and Semi Customised plans designed for the cost-conscious athlete who wants a plan designed for him but does not require support from the coach. 

Both types of plans cater to all levels of athletes. For example, in triathlon, we have supported Ironman World Championship qualifiers (both Half and Full distances), potential qualifiers, as well as middle of the pack athletes. We rarely work with complete beginners, although we do consider applications from strongly motivated individuals. 

Our athletes are endurance athletes who mainly swim, bike, run and/or trail run, in isolation (monosport) or together (multisport: triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon, swimrun).


Unlimited access to the Head coach

From mid-pack to elite level athletes

Perfect for:

  • athletes wanting to excel 
  • athletes wanting to get full support from an experienced coach
  • athletes who have reached a plateau, wanting to get to the next level


One-time access to the coach

From novice to elite level athletes

Perfect for:

  • athletes looking for maintenance
  • athletes wanting to have a first taste for online coaching
  • athletes new to the sport arena looking for broad guidance

Training concepts and tools

Olivier’s approach to coaching is very down-to-Earth: no pre-conceived idea, if it works (and it is legal!), then use it. While still following the foundations of periodisation as described by Joe Friel (in ‘Triathlon Training Bible’) and Gordo Byrn (in ’Going Long’), Olivier has progressively incorporated additional methods and concepts, like:

  • Maximum Aerobic Function (aka MAF) for cycling and running from Phil Maffetone (in ‘Endurance Training and Racing’)
  • training with power for cycling from Hunter Allen and Andy Coggan (in ‘Training and Racing with a Powermeter’)
  • Critical Swim Speed (aka CSS) from Paul Newsome and Adam Young (in ‘SwimSmooth, The complete coaching system for swimmers and triathletes’).

Olivier has also incorporated the online cycling training platform Zwift into his programs.

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