Originated in Sweden, it’s a multiple run-swim-run-swim etc race with no transition area to change clothes. Thus, contrary to aquathlons or triathlons, you need to swim with your shoes and run with your swim gear. This has triggered the creation of specific gear, like modified pull buoys and buoyant gaiters, as well as short legs wetsuits, among other things. 

The best in the World mostly come from Sweden, but it is becoming more and more an international sport. The longest races (that take 6 to 8h to the champions) are 40 to 70k long, and usually include over 8k of cumulated distance in swimming. The difference in temperature in most European long races (12-13 degrees water, 20 degrees air temperature) and the constant changes of sport, the roughness of terrain as well as the gear problematics can make this sport brutally hard on the body.

Swimrun attracts open water swimmers, trail runners, triathletes, as well as adventure racers. Indeed, the roots of Swimrun are found in adventure racing, not in triathlon. You really feel very small compared to nature, and you fight more for your ‘survival’ than against others, let alone the clock.


Get in touch if you would like discuss a Swimrun training plan with Olivier Baillet or purchase specific Swimrun gear not listed in our shop

    • In late 2015, BEYOND THE LINE’s founder Olivier Baillet created, with his friend Olivier Courret, the SWIMRUN ASIA Facebook page. They soon co-organised the first ‘Swimrun for dummies’ training events.
    • Inspired by local race organiser, TerraMar launched a Swimrun series of 4 races that started in late 2017 and finished mid 2018. Now in its third season, TerraMar has deepened his partnership with BEYOND THE LINE who was already providing advice and organised the first race-specific training session: BEYOND THE LINE became the Name Sponsor of TerraMar Swimrun: TerraMar – HK FB Page


    In 2019, COLTING WETSUITS came on board with both BEYOND THE LINE and TERRAMAR to provide gear and prizes to the Swimrun series in Hong Kong. BEYOND THE LINE now distributes COLTING gear in Hong Kong and is the only provider of Swimrun gear in the territory

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