Along my ongoing journey from triathlon newbie to endurance junkie, Olivier is the crucial compass which gives me the assurance I’m training at the right intensity and volume to reach safely my goals. Olivier’s programs are “home-made” so they are not only tailored to my strengths and weaknesses but they are also refined over time integrating my feedbacks and Olivier’s observations.

  • PB on Half Marathon 1h33 (from 1h45 before training with beyond the line)
  • PB on Olympic Distance 2h46 (3h15 in first OD a year ago).

After six months of training with Beyond The Line, I improved my Ironman finish time by 1 hour and 15 minutes (at Busselton Ironman Western Australia, December 2014). The input, support and experience from Olivier made a big difference and gave me a lot of motivation to keep pushing myself beyond the line ! 


Beyond the Line provided me great support to prepare -in less than 4 months- for my first Olympic triathlon in Philippines [Subic Bay 2014] which I successfully finished below 3h in very tough conditions, with a remarkable 92th place over +750 participants. I personally consider this as a big achievement. The professional help, support, guidance and motivation that I got from Oliver has been phenomenal ! I contacted Olivier to get advice and I got back much more than expected, first of all an invaluable source of information and experience, but also a very professional and structured coach who can master and calibrate accurately your effort during the preparation. I look forward to work with him again for my next challenge


Olivier is an excellent resource for targeted bike and triathlon training, and he has a deep understanding and a lot of personal experience with the concepts of training with power.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a coach to any of my bike fitting and power meter customers. Olivier recently helped me personally to place at a recent Hong Kong Cycling Association Individual Time Trial.  I had been seriously limited in training time due to work demands, but wanted to race a competitive event. Olivier helped me set up a very effective 3 week “Time Crunched” program specific to that ITT.  Thanks to it, some solid training on an indoor trainer, and close monitoring of power targets, I was able to boost my power 25 Watts.  My time over the course improved over the past year, but with significantly LESS (though obviously more effective) training!


I trained for a 70.3 Ironman, probably not the easiest on Earth (Aix-en-Provence 2015). I took me almost 5 months of training, averaging 6-7 hours of training per week. I had no real expectation as it was my first HIM, my second triathlon ever, and I’m a beginner in cycling. With Beyond The Line, every workout was different, with a clear objective, allowing me to build stamina & strength progressively and injury free. Olivier helped me to make the best use of my time.


For my wife’s birthday I purchased several months of coaching for Olivier to get her training “back-on-track”. My wife likes running, but her training was sporadic and without focus. Olivier sat down with her and they devised a plan that she followed and ended up running very well (today !) in the Phuket Half Marathon. I highly recommend Olivier’s coaching program if you have a goal you are wanting to achieve. He will sit with you and plan, communicate throughout the whole process and take an active interest in your training and results ! Thanks Olivier and may the relationship, coaching and results continue!


Beyond The Line has provided me with near to real time support, several advices not only on training but on equipment as well, help to connect with other professionals such as nutritionists, discounts to purchase gear and able to manage a training plan based on my time availability. I was able to move from Olympic distance to Half Ironman distance and perform well in my first race where I got 4th place. Also say a great improvement in my bike. Was able to move from an average of 32K/h on the Olympic distance to 37k/h and did my half IM distance at 34K/h.


Having initially been skeptical about the concept of an on-line training platform, I can highly recommend working with Beyond The Line and Olivier Baillet. In January 2015, I asked Olivier to tailor a training package to prepare me for a 100km Ultra Challenge in the UK. Olivier met with me to talk through my goals and then we went out for a run where he passed on some running tips relating to form and cadence which I found very useful. Thereafter daily training plans were sent through Training Peaks backed by email explications and all data was uploaded from my Garmin Connect onto Training Peaks so that Olivier could assess the results and ensure I was completing the tasks. I never felt I was on my own because Olivier maintained regular contact via e-mail and was always available for a chat. The end result was 25% improvement in my time over a similar distance a year before. In addition, I felt far stronger at the end of the race and recovered more quickly. I am now working with Olivier on my swimming over the summer months.


I started training in Jan 2015 for my first long distance sportivo called the 3 peaks, in Vic, Australia. It was a 235km, 5000m ride and without Olivier’s guidance I would never have made it. At times throughout my training I found myself wondering what the point of a particular session was but I knew just to trust and do what I was told. In the event, I felt that all the training sessions made sense and I could feel the benefits of the training at work. I was surprised to get a sub 10 hour result at the time but now I look back I understand that it made sense- I had the best coach! Before I started with Olivier I would have been lucky to be able to do a sub 13 but sub 10 felt easy without even pushing myself on the day.


I trained for the Sultan Marathon 2015 (Marathon des Sables). I had planned this event a couple of years in advance and started training with beyond the line in October 2014, 6 months before the start of the race (April 2015). I liked Olivier’s holistic approach of the sport, technical knowledge sharing and very relatable experience, as well as his dedication and passion for the sports. I also appreciated the chats, friendliness and “open door” mindset and the very well measured return of experience on managing relationship (spouse/ family/ work) and circumstances. It was good also to be able to benefit from Olivier’s network of friends and athletes. I gained great technical knowledge on how to train smart and how to manage my personal life, work hard on achieving my sports goals and balance the relationship with my spouse, family and not suffer a burn out at work. 


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